About & FAQ


  • What is the show format?
    • InTheHyperloop is a public, family friendly, educational, nonpartisan conversation about the human builders of the Hyperloop.
  • Where and what does InTheHyperloop do?
    • We stream on Youtube (as well as Twitch, and Periscope TV)
    • This includes the following kinds of media content:
      • Live shows
      • Educational videos
      • NewsPods (current news updates)
      • Interviews (live and recorded)
      • Reaction Videos
  • Are you going to the SpaceX Pod Competition IV?
    • InTheHyperloop will be there in 2019! We went to 2017 & 2018 Pod Competitions, and in 2019 we wish to interview all the university teams again before the event. So please contact us to schedule a brief 10 min interview!
  • Want to be interviewed or contact us?
    • Please use the form here.
  • What questions are in the live interviews?
      • Who are you and what do you do?
      • What are some of the biggest challenges you face?
      • What got you interested in the Hyperloop?
      • Which cities would you like to be connected?
      • How to offset the cost of the Hyperloop?
      • How will the Hyperloop change your routines in the future?
      • How can people support you and your initiatives?
  • Is there a InTheHyperloop one pager or media kit?
    • Yes, and it can be found here.
  • Is there a Copyright?
  • Social media?
  • Newsletter for behind the scenes updates?
  • Email Address
  • How can I support InTheHyperloop?
  • Does InTheHyperloop have merchandise?
    • Not currently, but please Contact us if you have any ideas.

Blake Anneberg - Founder / Producer

What started as a way to learn how to live stream, Blake Anneberg has now become a trusted source for Hyperloop information and education. As of 2018, InTheHyperloop is the only YouTube show and live streaming channel dedicated to educational Hyperloop news updates and interviews.