Danny Sánchez UX/UI Designer at DVmobile with InTheHypleroop

DVmobile  is a Denver-based consultancy for enterprise software design and development. Danny Sánchez works to bring Design Thinking principles to software and hardware development methodologies and process; and especially during the Inception phase, where he applies an Empathic Design approach.

Urban planning and transportation can benefit greatly from recent technology advances. For example, Danny designed a mobile app to survey and engage newer generations of citizens and get their input. The data collected is extremely valuable for city planners. Using the transportation survey for example, he had to consider citizens’ busy life and how they move around the city.

Visit the flaming-hot new website, dvmobile.io. They have some great material to read on IoT and design, and as job postings because they are growing. Also, check out https://smartsurveys.io/ to learn more about DVmobile's solution for Transportation surveying and planning.

Learn more here: https://dvmobile.io


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