SINTEF's Hyperloop report in Norway with InTheHyperloop

Today we're talking with Thor Myklebust who's from one of Europe's largest research institutes called SINTEF. I saw a interesting article from them. it was titled: salmon delivered by Hyperloop. This article was produced from a SENTIF report called Technological Trends that Affect the Transportation Industry for the Norwegian National Transportation Plan.

The SENTEF report showed that's unlikely that Hyperloop will be used to transport passengers at first. But its a great match in Norway to ship goods such as freshly killed salmon where speed in transporting them to airports is very important.  A Norwegian Hyperloop might be commercially available by 2025 for transporting goods, but they point out that the Norwegian landscape because of the mountains and the fjords will present a challenge to large-scale Hyperloop development. The good news is that sense if estimates that they could have a Norwegian test circuit for a Hyperloop in 2020.

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