Air leaking into your Hyperloop? Interview with Nolek on leak testing components

How can you find air leaking in Hyperloop tubes, pods or components?

Nolek is a world wide leading total solution provider of leak testing, leak detection and proof testing instruments and turnkey systems. Nolek posses a unique knowledge on the topic of leak testing and provides total solutions for all existing measurement methods.

Nolek is a front runner and partner of companies in the development and application of leak detection technology. Design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities in Sweden and Malaysia.

Thank you Norbert for the interview!

01:50 Introducing Nolek & Norbert Palenstijn - Managing Director of Nolek

02:34 Leak & Vacuum Industry

03:13 What is Leak testing? Nolek leak testing equipment and industrial applications

03:31 Challenges in designing leak testing in timelines of production environment

04:36 Connection between Hyperloop and Leak Testing

05:03 Measuring precise allowable leak rates

05:44 Opportunity to see many industries in Leak Testing

06:45 Green Technologies and Leak Testing

07:17 Working in different companies and cultures with engineers and

08:29 How to learn about Leak Testing and the Industry 'Vacuum School'

09:20 Managing data of leak testing and tracking in Nolek's mosCura

11:14 PC based data management software with TestIT

11:49 Learn more and contact Nolek at


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