Transonic Transportation - Automated Tube Transport with InTheHyperloop 2.13

Started in 2016, Transonic Transportation, LLC is a Southeast U.S. based Automated Tube Transportation (ATT) firm working towards the implementation of Infrastructure for everyday freight transport.

Automated Tube Transport (ATT) is a modified form of the Hyperloop concept where the pod will reach a target cruising speed of 600mph in a High-Strength 10'D Tube that is partially evacuated in a 96% reduced air pressure closed loop system.

Currently, Transonic Transportation is in the Research and Development stage and are seeking funding.

00:05 Background of Transonic Transportation
01:00 Introduction of Transonic Transportation and Luke and Eliza
02:00 How Luke and Eliza heard about Hyperloop
04:10 Working though challenges in a startup freight transportation company
05:46 Opportunities in working in with a new hyperloop community
08:05 Creating new ways to talk to people about hyperloop technology
08:30 Which two cities would you like to connect
09:49 Sharing the idea of Hyperloop as Transonic Transportation enters into the seed funding phase

Join us to provide the social history of a particular struggle to define #hyperloop technical architecture as a knowledge, art, profession & social service.
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