NewsPod: Can you dig it? The Boring Company makes Earth Blocks and interview with AECT

Elon Musk has a vision for Condensed Earth Blocks or CEBs. In order to better understand this material, InTheHyperloop contacted Ryan Runge, President, of Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies in San Antonio Texas to tell me about his company and the viability and the future of sustainable construction. 

NewsPod of an unexpected byproduct taken by Elon Musk’s Boring Company today.  So What to do with all that earthen soil removed from his underground drilling for the Hyperloop tunnel?  How to get rid of it?  How to use it in a way to perhaps help fund the hyper loop construction?  As well as enabling many areas around the world to have construction material to build their homes?  Now this isn’t quite Straw Bail modular home construction …. but a heavier step up from that.

Join us to provide the social history of a particular struggle to define #hyperloop technical architecture as a knowledge, art, profession & social service.

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