Avishkar Hyperloop - IIT Madras - with InTheHyperloop 2.14

Avishkar Hyperloop (IIT Madras) team leads discuss their roles, challenges and opportunities in building the Hyperloop from the ground up.

00:05 : Background

01:08 : Inspiration to develop the hyperloop

01:40 Starting the team

02:02 Goals of the team and winning future Pod Competitions

02:37 Team roles and introductions

03:03 Challenges faced by electrical and mechanical roles

04:46 Areas that are enjoyable in Hyperloop development

07:44 Areas a Hyperloop might be most beneficial and India leading engineering and technology advancement

10:06 What would you want to ask Elon Musk?

11:39 How to support and find more information about Avishkar Hyperloop IIT Madras

Email Address : avishkar.hyperloop@gmail.com

Contact Details : +919860897822






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