Midwest Connect with InTheHyperloop 2.11

Thank you Nathaniel from The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) for the interview.


03:00 Introduction of Midwest Connect 
01:01 What is the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) and what they do about transportation planning
01:29 Advancing infrastructure projects in Ohio as a competitive advantage for Columbus in attracting talent and businesses 
02:12 MORPC interest in Hyperloop One Global Challange
02:41 Hyperloop's role in urban and rural populations and freight 
03:47 The proximity of Ohio to major freight lines for North America
04:41 Possibility of hyperloop for rapid food delivery and alleviating  food deserts 
04:46 Challenges of hyperloop's bleeding edge technology, standards, implementations and regulations.
05:20 Opportunity to shape hyperloop's technology for its location and deployment 
05:52 Ohio's history in shaping transportation technology 
06:40 Columbus winning the Department of Transportation's Smart Cities Challange, and hyperloop fits right in to this general grant package
07:40 Midwest Connect & Hyperloop is a joint effort of Chicago, Pittsburgh, MORPC as well as government and private sector entities  like the Columbus Partnership.

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