Éirloop - The Irish Hyperloop Team with InTheHyperloop 2.12

Thanks Jon from Éirloop for the interview!  Éirloop is the first team to represent Ireland in the world final of the 2018 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.






00:00 to 0:40 Background of Eirloop

0:40 Mission and role of Eirloop

01:51 Initial interest in the hyperloop via Google hackathon on Accessibility

4:10 Urban and rural hyperloop connectivity

5:31 Connecting Dublin to London

6:39 Challenges of creating a Pod in the SpaceX Pod Competition

8:08 Lessons learned from working on the Pod, Computer Vision

9:55 Which two cities that would be great to connect with a Hyperloop.

11:26 What question would you like to ask Elon Musk


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