Hypernet Holding Corporation with In The Hyperloop 1.09

Thank you Rebecca for the fascinating interview! Hypernet Holding Corporation is a unique group that has an incredible vision to create the Hypernet, a connected network of hyperloop routes spanning North America.

Website: https://www.hypernetnow.com/

01:13 Rebecca Leonard introduces herself and Hypernet Holding Corporation (HHC)
01:20 Hypernet Holding Corporation's goals
01:30 How Rebecca helped found HHC
02:10 Affordability of transportation and design of cities
03:00 Ultra high speed transportation in rural areas
04:16 City planning with high speed transportation and technology adapting to cities
05:09 The goal of HHC is connecting many nodes and cities
05:37 How to pay for this new transportation/Hypernet system
07:25 HCC vision on no government subsidies for a Hypernet system
08:00 Disaster assistance and use of the Hypernet system
08:46 How you can support Hypernet Holding Corporation, strategic partners and pioneering customers

Contact: https://www.hypernetnow.com/connect/