HARDT Global Mobility with In the Hyperloop 1.08

HARDT and its Delft University roots have done incredible development of Hyperloop technology, keep up the good work! Thank you, Tim for the fascinating interview. 

01:00 Tim Houter Introduction, Delft University, and current Hyperloop test facility
01:39 Current Status of HARDT Global
02:10 Tim discusses how he went from electric race cars to hyperloop
02:39 Delft Hyperloop in SpaceX pod competition
03:08 Where and how to connect cities with Hyperloop
03:25 Connecting Europe with Hyperloop 'metro'
04:04 How will hyperloop change ways of living and working
04:48 How hyperloop and autonomous cars could change cities
05:43 How can people support Hardt Global Mobility
06:00 Check out Hardt Global careers and contact point for investors

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